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What’s On Your Talent Shopping List?

1656208_1409310379325360_1641772363_nBy: Elena Di Fiore
Director, HR Management Consulting


Some say that the activity of shopping is a form of therapy, which would suggest it’s an activity that could leave you feeling content. What happens though when you go shopping for talent without a ‘list’?

On my recent weekly shop, it occurred to me how much of a risk it can be to go shopping without a list, similarly to go about recruiting without a job description. Recruiting alongside a job description forms an objective framework for hiring talent that best meets your business needs. To explore this concept, I had a chat with Lizzy Eden who as a Image Consultant heads up Lizzy Eden Personal Styling.

Investing in Potential
Lizzy pointed out that, “you need to know what’s in your wardrobe before you go shopping, and you need to make a list”. From a recruitment perspective, how is this any different to reviewing the current skillsets within your business, and then building a job description to go shopping for talent? Without a job description, you may find your hiring process lacks direction, leading to taking on a new hire that has the potential to contribute but doesn’t meet your original business need.

Don’t Make it an Emotional Investment
I asked Lizzy about the emotional investment we make when shopping without a list, and this evolved into a discussion around needing to take the emotion out of shopping to focus on the purpose in making a purchase. It is common for business owners to make emotional hiring decisions by not going out to market, and instead offering employment to a family or friend in need. This could work, provided you’re extending the offer of employment on the basis that the new employee will be able to contribute as per your business needs however won’t be sustainable if you’re offering the opportunity as an act of charity.

Set a Budget
When I go shopping without a list, I usually spend more than I had bargained for. Factoring a budget into your newly created job description, alongside reviewing market salary data, will keep you on track with the type of skillset required to meet your business need.

If you aren’t sure where to start when creating a job description for individual roles in your business, check out the job description writing services made available to Employers via careerhunt. Taking this step to ensure you’re addressing business needs within a budget will only add strength to your hiring process.

HOT TIP: Lizzy Eden is an Adelaide based Personal Stylist and Image / Colour Consultant who offers colour analysis, wardrobe overhauls, style profiles and shopping trips. You can find out more about Lizzy by visiting her Facebook Page or contacting her direct by email to lizzy@fashionwithafriend.com .

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