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Quit Playing Games with your Job Search

Elena family web09By: Elena Di Fiore
Director, HR Management Consulting & careerhunt

There’s a concept I introduced during my keynote presentation at the recent Disability Employment Symposium in Adelaide, South Australia. The context in which I introduced this concept was to deliver a simple message: don’t approach job search like a game of bingo.

We’ve all played the game at some point, haven’t we? The more cards we buy, the better our chances of winning. But the next time you’re applying for jobs online, don’t use game playing as your approach.

The truth is that if you choose to apply for anything and everything, you’re unlikely to get anywhere. The same way you would plan your journey on the way to somewhere you’ve never been, you need to apply the same level of research and planning.

Skill Snapshot

Review your skill set including qualifications, training and experience. I’ve said this before – the best predictor for future performance is what you’ve done in the past, the same applies for the capability within your skill set. I’m not suggesting that you couldn’t be trained or coached into a new career however I am suggesting that you need to have a real awareness of the skills you can offer your prospective employer. While some may recruit on the basis that a person has the willingness to fulfill a particular role and it’s associated responsibilities, many will also recruit based on the skill set you offer, particularly if they want their newest employee to hit the ground running (who doesn’t?).

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  1. Going to put this article to good use now.


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