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Low Workplace Morale, is it your Problem?

cf3e1f51c69cb493482034b9609b6deaBy: Elena Di Fiore
Principal HR Consultant, HR Management Consulting

As you read this, ask yourself if you’re happy with your salary, feeling recognised for your performance and do you have a good working relationship with your Manager and colleagues. Being dissatisfied in the workplace is a common occurrence and one that I progressively hear more about when I attend business meetings in coffee shops.

“<Insert Name> told me how much she’s getting paid and I do so much more work than her!”

“<Insert Name> doesn’t do anything at work. He just surfs the net all day and then I’m expected to do his work aswell!”

“My Manager took the work I did for her and put her own name on it. How is that fair?”

Is venting helping your situation or are you contributing to the creation of a toxic workplace? As an employee and co-worker, your problem becomes mine when you continue to vent about the issues you are experiencing without taking any steps to resolve the situation you are unhappy about. Workplace morale can be affected for more reasons than venting however it’s the most likely to throw your team for a sixer. It’s counterproductive and can result in increased absenteeism as well as damaged working relationships. It’s important to identify the reasons behind your unhappiness and act upon them accordingly. Here’s some tips on how you can tackle the big issues:

If your workplace situation isn’t ideal, what can you do about it?

  • Speak to your Manager or HR Representative. You might be questioning why I’ve suggested this as your first step, but realistically you need to speak with those who can actually contribute to improving your situation. Topics to discuss: salary, opportunity for promotion or transfer, workshare options.
  • Seek advice from your company Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. Many employers provide access to an EAP and sometimes seeking an objective viewpoint is best. Topics to discuss: workplace and personal issues.
  • Contact Fair Work Australia. Made available to assist in the resolving of disputes relating to workplace rights, more specifically your award entitlements.

So do yourself (and your colleagues) a favour by doing something about your situation rather than venting about it.

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  1. Very good advice! I never thought of it this way before


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