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We offer Human Resources Expertise for Small Businesses around Australia.

It’s a tough gig running your business when employee management is taking up most of your time!

We support small businesses who see themselves as gurus of their own industry, and enjoy the support of a HR service when they need it.

If you’re running a small business you wouldn’t have the need for a full-time onsite HR function – this is where HR Management Consulting has excelled at providing HR support when businesses need it. 

Professional Members of the Australian Human Resources Institute, and Certified as Behaviour & Motivator Analysts, we pride ourselves on providing high standards of quality and customer service in support provided.

We currently provide HR services to the following industries:

Acccounting & Finance | Building & Construction |Healthcare | Hospitality & Retail

IT | Manufacturing | Property & Real Estate

Recruitment & Selection

At HR Management Consulting, we understand that some Business Owners prefer to remain in control of their hiring processes whilst others would rather outsource recruiting to an Agency.

We offer an advisory service on best practice in recruiting, and all the tools you need to recruit effectively including: Job Descriptions, Job Advertisements, Interview and Reference Check Guides.

Not confident shortlisting or conducting an interview? We’ll be there to walk you through the process, as much or as little as you would like.

Induction & Onboarding

Don’t get this right, and you right losing the talent you worked so hard to bring into your business!

We offer support with the development of documentation for your new starter, including employment agreements, probation guides and guidance on how best to welcome (and keep) your newest addition to the team.

If you’re stuck on ways to improve your current induction process, we’re only a phone call away to providing you with an outline of what’s working in keeping employees engaged.

HR Policy & Procedures

This is an area overlooked by many small businesses who assume it’s safe to make up the rules as they go along. Don’t get caught up in this!

We can provide you with practical HR policies to ensure your employees are aware of what’s expected of them in the workplace, but also procedures to help you deal with those curly issues. Set the standard for best practice in your industry by demonstrating transparency in the management of your employees.

Have a chat with us today to find out which policies would best suit your workforce.

Performance Management

If only there was a way to improve the productivity of that one employee who isn’t working to their full potential…

Performance Management, when handled appropriately, can revive the employee who’s lack lustre contribution could improve to be the star performer supporting your business. We offer support to bring you as the business owner together with your employee, to effectively plan, monitor and review their contribution to your business.

Termination, Redundancy & Outplacement Support

Do you know your obligations as an employer when managing the processes of Termination & Redundancy? 

Managing employee exits, whether through voluntary resignation or due to company restructure, is serious business. As part of this service, we provide administrative support with the preparation of termination documentation and guidance on how to manage the process. We also provide outplacement support, with career services including career coaching, resume writing and interview training.

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