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How To Fight Meeting Boredom

ElenaBy: Elena Di Fiore
Director, HR Management Consulting 

There’s one thing you can’t escape throughout your career: meetings. Business meetings, team meetings and management meetings. Meetings are happening around the globe right now as you read this post, but have you ever wondered how many employees are facing meeting boredom right now?

They happen in every workplace, regardless of the industry you work in or what your job may be. You might have started a new job, joined a different department in your workplace or you might be  leading a team. Whichever way you look at it, meetings are inescapable. Every business has them, every business needs them. You know the meetings I’m referring to…

Meetings to help you settle into your new job…

Meetings to discuss team goals…

Meetings to plan for upcoming projects…

Meetings for meetings (yes, that’s sometimes what it feels like!).

It’s like the song that doesn’t end and goes round and round in circles, especially when you find yourself spending more time in meetings than actually being productive and on task.

When you hear a meeting is about to be held, what do you think about?

What words come to mind when you receive a meeting request?

Boredom is what I think about. Who wants to be locked up in a room, whether it be mid morning or mid afternoon in a meeting that is going off topic with no decisions made about the subject matter being discussed, when you’d rather be at your desk getting your work done? Sure, the meeting is over and it might be home time, but I would have much preferred walking out of that meeting with an outcome of some sort than knowing tomorrow that same discussion is going to happen again with no defined actions to be taken.

The boredom factor is very real.

Friends of mine dread going to meetings because whilst they maintain a professional focus, they know the meeting is going to be unproductive for all involved. I can gauge how bored they are during said meetings, because they send me text messages about their out of control yawning and some even snap me photos of what they’ve drawn during meetings. Their conclusion is that meetings are a waste of time, because they have a list as long of their arm with tasks they could have completed where instead they had to listen to subject matter that wasn’t of relevance to them.

Meetings are not a waste of time, unless held without an agenda that then takes the conversation on a merry go round (cue Never Ending Story theme).

According to GoToMeeting Australia, over 1/3 of meetings are considered unproductive (see infographic below). How can any business afford to be running meetings that are wasting 36% of company time? This is a very real struggle for any business when meetings are being held right now with no clear goal set and / or a lack of structure.

With a little planning and a lot of focus you can become a meeting superstar, banish boredom and start running productive meetings. Are you up for the challenge?


Banish Meeting Boredom with tips from GoToMeeting Australia (http://www.gotomeeting.com.au/meeting)



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