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Coworking: Is it for YOU?

1656208_1409310379325360_1641772363_nBy: Elena Di Fiore
Director, HR Management Consulting

It’s not often that I find the time to write but it’s funny how time easily avails itself when I find a passion to blog about. Coworking isn’t for everyone, or so I’ve been told because I sweat the small stuff. Sharing a space with a group of (un)professionals and standing up for my rights as a professional does not constitute sweating the small stuff. But coworking does work if set up in the right way, with the right focus on building business in an ethical, professional manner.

Is coworking really all it’s cracked up to be? To gain a more rounded perspective away from my own negative experience, I recently dropped by Hub Adelaide where I learnt that professionalism is still alive in coworking settings across Adelaide. Set in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, you’ll receive a warm welcome at their Peel Street headquarters. I visited on an open day and was overwhelmed by the variety of workspaces, not to mention the facilities and affordable associated costs. If I hadn’t found a cosy office space where I am based on Grote Street, I definitely would have called Hub Adelaide my new home. They say we learn from experience, so here are my golden rules for creating happy and successful coworking partnerships.


Maintain respect for others, as you would like for yourself. This goes beyond your immediate coworkers to include clients, suppliers and general visitors. Eventhough my business focus may be different to yours, what’s to say that our clients may crossover at some point as their business needs change?


Open communication is key regardless of how big or little your coworking space might be. Avoiding what might seem a small issue will only lead to larger issues. In my current setting, we work collaboratively to ensure that our own workspace works to meet the needs of our own business and our clients.


Sharing is caring, and makes for successful business! Think outside the box when it comes to networking and create partnerships inside your coworking bubble.

It’s not rocket science! Coworking creates amazing opportunities for businesses to grow and working alongside likeminded individuals removes that feeling of isolation, particularly if your business is like mine – me, myself and I.

HOT TIP: If you’re a female in business, check out The Sass. Not only is The Sass a group of empowered female business owners, but they also featured on Sunrise this weekend where Sass Place was introduced as a new and innovative coworking option! Click here to see what The Sass are doing on Pozible, or click here to find out how you can become a member of this innovative group… I’m already a Sass Sister.

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