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3 Tips for Networking on LinkedIn

meBy: Elena Di Fiore
Director, HR Management Consulting 

When I’m not supporting businesses with HR or job seekers with their résumé development, I spend my time networking on and offline. I was privileged to feature as guest speaker at the Ultimate Business Support Adelaide event last night, to share ways in which we can all work towards business growth through effective client relationships. Here are my three tips for effective networking on LinkedIn.

Reach Out
Don’t leave it at just accepting an invitation to connect. Make connect with your new connection via email or phone and discover ways in which you can help them connect with others. Ask why they are using LinkedIn, you might be surprised by their response!

Contribute & Collaborate
If LinkedIn represents the ‘office’ of the social media world, contributing to discussions through groups and then taking those conversations offline would totally be the thing to do. Join groups and discover opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals around the globe.

Shift Your Mindset
Many approach networking with the mindset of, ‘What’s in it for me?’. Consider the ways in which you can be of service to your fellow connections, and what you might be able to offer them to build rapport rather than shutdown a potential business relationship.

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