About Us

HR Management Consulting supports small businesses, medium sized enterprises & not for profits around Australia in achieving continued growth by providing ongoing HR support and training. 

Offering more than a decade of experience in Human Resources, Employment Services, Training and Recruitment, HR Management Consulting offers affordable solutions in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We provide assistance to businesses that require HR support either as an adhoc service or for ongoing inhouse projects. The types of HR support provided includes the development of HR Systems, implementation of Policy & Procedures as well as Career Profiling for workforce planning. Find out more about our team & services available.

HR Management Consulting also supports candidates through job search by providing affordable career services that promote quality outcomes.

Services are provided in person, over Skype and through the delivery of practical and interactive workshops. The process of securing employment is becoming a more challenging however with our help, when the process is broken down into the job application & respective interview, employment outcomes become tangible.



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